Types of footwear you should own in monsoon

Types of footwear you should own in monsoon

Try not to wear your costly footwear in the downpour. Become smart and try these styles of footwear in the monsoon and thank us later!

Rains are here and it is viewed as the most heartfelt season. At the beginning of this season, happiness and love spread surrounding us. In any case, this season additionally brings hardships and battles like puddles, dirt, and some more.

Downpours accompany the possibility of ruining your hair, cosmetics, outfit, and footwear. Indeed, you can safeguard different things with an umbrella yet your footwear makes certain to get into puddles. Consequently, you ought to stack your typical footwear on blustery days and go for rainstorm special footwear. Here are some footwear choices for you that will keep your feet safeguarded during storms and won’t get ruined.

Flip flops:

Flip-flops have been very famous for quite a while. Before we had these various types of classy footwear, individuals depended on flip-flops. These are appropriate for all kinds of people. They are speedy and simple to wear and simultaneously, they are ideally suited for summer. This is on the grounds that they are made with elastic, consequently will not get ruined by the water, and are very tough. Likewise, they will dry rapidly. Best of all, these are ideal for a relaxed look.


Water-safe and super-simple to spotless, this is the very thing that you really want in your ideal storm footwear. All things considered, you have everything in gumboots. These are clearly definitive rain shoes with a phenomenal grasp and fit. Best of all, these shoes cover your feet, hence safeguarding them from any outer sources.

Additionally, gumboots can be styled well with most outfits. You can try different things with various funky tones and catch everyone’s eye or go for neutral shades.


Crocs are very well known throughout the course of recent years. From a small kid to a grown-up, nobody can oppose this super-comfortable footwear. You will absolutely love to realize that you can likewise wear your crocs during the wet for a long time as these are ideally suited for downpours.

They are not difficult to wear, simple to clean, and solid and the elastic material doesn’t allow the water to hurt the shoes and furthermore, dries them rapidly. You can style them with most outfits and are very agreeable.

Platform heels:

If you love to wear high heels, we would prescribe you to keep your pencil heels away during the rains for a long time as they will cause irritation and uncomfortable and there are chances of stalling out. All things considered, go for platform heels that will be far more agreeable. Likewise, the raised footwear will safeguard your feet from a wide range of puddles. Platform heels are adaptable to such an extent that can really be brought together with anything.

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