Hacks to keep your footwear dry in rains

Hacks to keep your footwear dry in rains

The downpour is astounding. It brings freshness and joy around, there is a lot of break from the intensity of the mid-year and everything is green around you. It is an incredible season on the off chance that you love being outside and wouldn’t fret about getting doused. If you are not in that frame of mind to be outside during the downpours, getting surprised in a storm while going to work or getting your errands done, is likely the most exceedingly terrible thing to occur.

It is especially awkward to sit in your office or move around in your wet shoes. Besides the fact that your feet soggy are constantly, however it might likewise prompt awful smell and serious skin diseases.

Stress not, because we will discuss a couple of magnificent hacks to dry your shoes, whether you got drenched in a downpour or are waiting for your shoes to get dry. 

Presently, these hacks work, independent of the material or make of footwear.

Blow Dryer

A definite shot for drying your splashing wet shoes is to use a blow dryer. You can use the heat setting in your blow-dryer however ensure that you hold the shoe at a distance away from the dryer. Certain materials may not take too well to even think about warming and get demolished. If you have material or even calfskin, blow-drying with intensity could make all the difference. Essentially blow warmed air onto the shoes, till they are totally dry. Try to spread the air around, instead of zeroing in on a single region. Along these lines, the shoes will dry speedier and better.

If you are working, blow-drying your shoes may not be a choice. Nonetheless, a similar stunt can be utilized with an alternate thing. You can involve a hand dryer in the washroom that is accessible. It works with a similar standard. Hold the shoes up to the blower region and let the air dry your shoes.


This hack of drying shoes has been a norm for quite a while. It functions admirably on closed footwear like shoes, cloth shoes, or even heels. 

Essentially take out the insole to allow it to dry independently. Then ball up some paper pages and stuff them inside the shoes. Utilize the coarse part of the paper than the gleaming one, as it is retentive. You can likewise utilize one piece of paper to cover the beyond the shoes and you can perceive how it retains a ton of moistness.

This hack can work with paper sacks. On the off chance that you have old earthy-colored paper packs, they additionally are incredibly permeable and can dry your wet shoes in hours.

Paper towels or tissues work the same way yet guarantee to not utilize scented tissues or wet tissues. It might pamper the material of your shoes.


Many individuals recommend that placing your shoes in a dryer run in your clothes washer can assist with drying them. It does work, nonetheless, you should be incredibly cautious. First and foremost, you should wipe your shoes off of the mud and soil. Then think about the material and the sort of your shoes before placing them in the dryer. Calfskin can get harmed under a lot of intensity thus it wouldn’t be smart to put it all on the line. Likewise, heels or thick platform sandals can destroy your clothes washer.

Preferably, a dryer can make all the difference for the material or texture of shoes. If you have a pillowcase, put your shoes inside them in the wake of eliminating the bands and insoles. Put the pillowcase and shoes inside the dryer and run it. It would come up dry in almost no time.

These are a few hacks to assist your shoes with becoming dry during the monsoon season. 

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